April Bleduino

HI, I need help. I would like to know if and how I can connect two Bleduino via bluetooth to transmit and receive data with .
I await response. Thanks

Please follow the steps.


  1. Upload the hardware to two BlueDuino
  2. Change the baud rate for serial monitor to 9600

A BlueDuino for peripheral

  • Change ROLE to peripheral (default role), Type AT commands
  • Open serial monitor and wait for data

A BlueDuino for central

  • Change ROLE to central, Type AT commands
  • Start scan other blueduino
  • Connect to other BlueDuino. Let’s say the mac address for other BlueDuino is “ABCDEF12345”.

Connect OK when you see “OK+CONND”

  • Send data to other Blueduino. Just type some string at serial monitor.

Let me know if this work

Hi, Thanks the quick response, I have encountered a problem.
mac addresses are all configured with 12 digits to 0. How do we change them?
We two bleduino but both have this laid out address.
Thank you

HI,We solved the problem and managed to connect them, thanks.
We have another question … How do we reset the bleduino?
We’ve got a third but can’t access commands "AT ". How do we solve it? Thank you

You can use the AT command to reset the BLE module


Please check the firmware version first


We can’t use AT command, bleduino doesn’t acept them.
It doesn’t read then,infact it doesn’t take them nothing answer at serial monitor

Did you type the AT command for firmware update? It will not response any at command after that.

Where did you buy the blueduino? Please send the order number to my private message.

Thank you.