APR Brother 401 Sensor Accelerometer

How can we read the accelerometer values from the APR Brother 401 sensor?

Please refer the wiki. There’s document for iOS and Android.

I will take a look at that. Is it possible to put the accelerometer values into the advertising packet like other devices do? We need to be able to do something like that.

We have a firmware advertising the accelerometer values. I can send the firmware to you if you like to have a try.

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Yes, we would definitely like to try that firmware!

I will send you the firmware to your mail. Please send me a private message about your email addressl.

Can I receive this firmware too please ?

Dear Raptor,
Did you upgrade your 401 beacon with this firmware ?
Can you show me sample data of adversing packet data with accelerometer values ?
Thank you very much.

Dear aprilpea, Can I receive this firmware too please ?

I have sent a private message to you. Please check it.

I received your answer. Perfect. Thank you.

Aprilpea, Can I receive this firmware too please ?


Sent a message to you. Please check.

      Can I receive this firmware too please ?

Sorry. There’s a bug yet. it’s not stable.

Have you got any version I can try?

Dear aprilpea,
Could you please sent me the firmware as well? We’re looking for a way to determine the location and get the sensor data by using only ONE ble chip. Looks like advertising the sensor data is the only way of doing it. We’re trying to determine user’s wrist movements and location at the same time.

Many Thanks.


Known issue for the beta firmware: battery consume too fast.

I will send a private message to you.

Hi Aprilpea,
Can I please also get the firmware? Will I be able to capture the accelerometer data on Android?

Yes. But you need an app TI sensorTag on iPhone to upgrade the firmware. Please send a private message contains your email to you.