Any SDK for iOS/Android to monitor battery


All the april brother ibeacon installed are locked with password by us,
I don’t want user to know password of April Brother iBeacon in order to know the battery reminder of iBeacon for exising app in googleplay/appstore.

Is there any SDK to monitor april brother ibeacon battery power for iOS/Android development
so that I can develop my app to monitor ibeacon battery power ?



The April Beacon advertise the battery level every 12 seconds. The 31th byte is the battery level. But you can only monitor it on Android.

I am not so familar with advertisement structure and I am just using phonegap for app development but I see that there is SDK in github
As I see keyword BEACON_BATTERY_LEVEL in document,
can i use your SDK to read battery level?
If it is , I can study SDK.
If not, is there any resource in website for studying?

AprilBeaconSDK can’t support phonegap

Thanks hell for information
But I use AprilBeacon SDK for android(by Java)/ iOS(by XCode).
Can I get battery level of iBeacon Device?


Yes you can get battery leverl by AprilBeacon SDK