Allow connection based on mac address.................?


in my project i am using BlueDuino as a bluetooth interface. all my devices will connect to this BlueDuino and BlueDuino will do some certain operations based on instructions from connected in order to provide security. i need to allow connections to some particular device only. for that i need to store the mac address of each device in permanent memory. so when i device is trying to connect BlueDuino i can compare its mac with the mac in memory.and allow connection if they are same.

so i need to know the following details. to get the mac address of a connected device. to disconnect a device through program .

thankyou to get the mac address of a connected device.

Sorry. It’s not supported yet. We’ll add a command to get the mac.


We have made a new firmware for CC2540. It resolves some issues you metioned. Please see our wiki for how to upgrade firmware.

Do you have a USB to UART converter for upgrading?

i need to disconnect the central when a specific condition occurred . so which AT command should i use to disconnect the central…?

try to use the AT command directly


Ok it is working perfectly fine

thank you

will this commend affect the operation of processor…? like reset command

how to get notified when a centarl is connected…?

Do you mean a central module that can connect to other peripheral module? AT+RESET should also work.

No a notification at peripheral side. But you will get a response OK+CONN at central side

can i implement a pin number based pairing when a device is try to connect…?

There’s only P0.1 wire to BlueDuino. The pin is used for wake up already. What do you think about implement a OK+CONN notify string at peripheral side when connected?

i mean a security pin not i/o pin. pin number based pairing such as in phones

Got it. But it’s not supported yet.