ABTemp Beacon firmware update to 1.1 gives wrong temperature


I recently updated my ABTemp beacon to firmware 1.1 using the instructions here: ABTemp sensor measure range

After upgrading, I’m getting a minor value of [220, 59] which means it has a temperature of -572.3125.

That’s obviously not right.

Also, that value never changes (when put in heat, it doesn’t go up).

I think the firmware is incorrect.

Please tell me the correct firmware to use or give me the original firmware to downgrade to.



Thanks for your reporting. We’ll check it ASAP.


We re-built the firmware and it works again. Please download the firmware v1.1.0 here

How To Calculate Temperature

    // Convert the data to 12-bits
    double cTemp = 0.0, fTemp = 0.0;
    int temp = ((minor[0] * 256) + (minor[1])) / 16;
    if(temp > 2048)
        temp -= 4096;

    cTemp = temp * 0.0625;
    fTemp = cTemp * 1.8 + 32;

Great! That works perfectly!

Thank you very much!