ABSniffer UART 501: voltage, RS485 and other questions

I have ABsniffer 501 UART device.

  1. is it TTL?

  2. can you give me an arduino soft to connect 501 via arduino’s GPIO? (i.e. software realization, not hardware UART). I’m working with some devices with GPIO, but without UART.

  3. can you make BLE sniffer with RS485? or 422, 232, CAN. Or your advice.

  1. yes. 3.3V TTL
  2. Please check the section “Limitations” at SoftwareSerial library page
  3. we will check RS485 interface in future

thank you, but I was wrong about 2. I do not need arduino limits. Let me ask again.

I’m trying to connect 501 UART to other devices (embedded android with GPIO or RS232/RS485 for example). There is no pure UART. I have to code it in software.

So I need c/java code to make UART on GPIO. Is it possible, don’t you know?
Or it is abad idea and I have to buy some RS232-UART converter?

We have a usb dongle model 502. If there’s USB interface, I recommend you choose usb dongle 502. The usb dongle work as USB to UART converter. You can also control it by AT command.

I know. But where are any drivers for your USB dongle under android? Im not sure it will work from the box. Did you test OTG? I need some code example to test too.


Someone have tested our usb dongle under android. You can find a new UART device with the command.

ls /dev/tty.*



It’s a standard USB to UART CDC device.

thank you , it works, but … see next Sniffer does not sniff