ABSensorDH Connect

Hello, I have an ABSensorDH. It showed up in the April Beacon app unpredictably but I was able to connect to it. I changed the mode to motion, and now when I get it to show up in the Bluetooth tab of the app (again, it’s unpredictable) and try to connect, it stays on the spinner saying ‘Connecting Device’ and never actually connects.

Really disappointed with the lack of instructions on the wiki. This beacon sounds so promising for a lot of projects I’d like to do.


You can keep shaking it if you changed it to motion mode. So the ASensorDH will keep fast advertising and you can easier to connect it.

Hi, I managed to get connected, and changed it to ibeacon mode.

I set up a second UUID. It sort of works, but not often.

Sometimes the first UUID disappears and there is no beacon detected at all even though it’s right next to my phone. Sometimes the second UUID appears when shaking, but not often. eg. I pick up and shake it for 5 seconds then put it down again but the second UUID doesn’t appear.

I have adjusted the advertising interval from 12 to 1, and then to 5, but no difference.

Have I got a defective beacon? The first one I ordered was dead on arrival, and now this one doesn’t work very well at all. I want AprilBeacon to work, but I’m currently looking at other manufacturers as so far the result aren’t hopeful.


Could you please describe your requirements about ASensor? We also have another similar product ABSensor N01.

Please check it. We can send a N01 to you instead

I’m looking for a beacon that can be attached to an object and reliably emit a signal when that object moves. This also looks like it will do the same thing… happy to try one of those instead. Please let me know next steps.

I’ve sent a private message to you. Please check it