ABKey01 vs ABsensorDH

Dear AprilBeacon!

It is not clear to me, what is the main differences between these two beacons.

ABKey01 has accelerometer also? Does it have different modes (like Sensor, Motion)? Does it always broadcast or just when it moves (like ASensor in Motion mode)?

What is the purpose of the button on ABKey01? As I see when I push the button, it broadcasts an other iBeacon parameters. Is it true? If it is, the how can I turn of the device?

Thank you!! :smiley:

ABSensorDH has accelerometer and ABKey01 no.


You can’t turn off it. But it’s possible by customize firmware.

Thank you for the answers!!

I see in ABKey01 Description:

“Motion Sensor If second UUID is not empty, advertise second UUID when move No effect”

So, how do the motion sensor works in it if there is no accelerometer?
Does it work the same way than the ASensor in iBeacon mode? Produce a second UUID when is moves?

Thank you!

ABKey01 is just a variant ABSensorDH without accelerometer. They are using same casing and PCB. So ABKey01 can’t have no motion sensor.

You should choose ABSensorDH instead.