AB BLE Gateway V4 Missing Content Type

Hello, We are trying to get the data from the AB BLE Gateway V4 into AWS and are not able to because the packets that it is sending are missing the content-type header and it is the only parameter that AWS will let us configure binary payload detection by. Would it be possible to update the firmware to include this? Thanks.

we’ve removed the content type header manually because an user reported it can’t work with his java server. But I think we can add the header back.

Did you deploy your own application server at AWS?

Ok, if you could add it back that would be great. If possible can you use the application/msgpack content-type header? Thanks.

We’ve added new firmware for upgrading v1.2.5.10 to v1.2.5.11 to OTA server. Please try to upgrade the firmware with config tool.

Firmware v1.2.5.11 add header content-type = application/msgpack


any updates?

This is working now, thanks.