AB BLE Gateway for Other than Beacon Messages

Can the BLE Gateway 4.0 be used to send messages from devices other than beacons? For example, values for a miflrora sensor?

How would I create a an Advertising filter for this kind of info?

Does miflrora sensor advertise the sensor data directly? BLE gateway can only collect BLE advertising data.

Yes, miflora advertises sensor data directly. The gateway sees the device and records ID and distance but no other information - temperature, brightness, moisture,

We bought a miflora recently. I checked the advertising data and it should contains the temperature data.

I found a parser written in python. It may read the sensor data correctly.

Here’re two example sensor data. the last two bytes are temperature value


e100 -> 0x00e1 -> 225 -> temp: 22.5


df00 -> 0x00df -> 223 -> temp: 22.3

Here’s a full advertising data

02 01 06 03 02 95 FE 14 16 95 FE 71 20 98 00 2D B5 F1 60 8D 7C C4 0D 04 10 02 FD 00

  • mac address: B5 F1 60 8D 7C C4
  • advertising type: 0D 04, it should be temperature type
  • temperature value: FD 00, the temperature value is 25.3

BTW: I upgrade the firmware for miflora to v3.2.2