Ab ble gateway doesn't work for manufacture filter

Firmware version of Config Tools For BLE Gateway is 1.5.15i.
The test packet is “0x0201060F0953616E4368656F6E67205041535305FF31013B04”. so I entered “0131” on textfield for Manufacture ID Filter.

But It doesn’t work.

Please help me~

It works for this data.


I tested with the packet 0x0201060F0953616E4368656F6E67205041535305FF31013B04 and gateway v1.5.15i. It works

See my screenshot

the config screen

The ble viewer

Please try do disable the Duplicate Filter and test again

Thanks for your reply.
I changed Duplicate Filter to disable. But the result is same.

004C works too.
Is there anything else I should check?

please take a screenshot like the above one when you remove the Manufacture ID Filter. It must contains the advertising data with manufacture ID 0131.

We’ll try to reproduce the issue

I think that it seems like the data was cut.
“FF31013B04” was gone. I can’t find it.

Where did you get the full advertising data 0x0201060F0953616E4368656F6E67205041535305FF31013B04? From the Android nRF Connect.app?

  1. Try to add mac address filter BBA050DA27CC to filter out other data first.
  2. The part 05FF31013B04 should be scan response data. Try to change the Scan Mode to Active scan and restart the gateway.

right. I checked the full advertising data with nRF Connect on Android.

As you saying I did it, but result is same.
Data was gone.

The nRF Connect.app merged the advertising data and scan response data to Raw data. It’s not the real advertising data.

You must enable Active Scan to get scan response data. Power off and power on the gateway to check the result.

Something is changed. As you saying Data is seperated.
So, to resolve this problem, should I merge “0xFFxxxx” to the advertising data in the advertising?

It’s the best solution if you can do it.

Thank you so much for your reply.

Is it any second solution?

Do you mean merge the advertising data and scan response data at gateway side?

yeap, as the second solution at gateway side~

I suggest you do this at your server end. The advertising type for scan response data is 4, type for advertising data is 0.

OK, I knew you meaning. thanks~ (:slight_smile: