AB BLE Gateway 4 User Password Authorization to MQTT Server


somehow I am not able to post to an MQTT Server, that is protected by username and password. Connections to an unprotected MQTT Server work.

1539368466: New connection from on port 1883.
1539368466: Socket error on client , disconnecting.

The information unknown makes me believe, that the Gateway 4 doesn’t support authorization even so the user and password fields are there. Is that possible and when will it be implemented.



Please open the config tool and check the firmware version for the Gateway. We’ve tested with protected MQTT broker and it works fine. I think it may come with a lower version firmware.

Thank you for the answer. I tried again and it doesn’t work.

The firmware version is:
Hardware Version 4.0

The tool does not allow any more updates or it says updated but the version is the same. Can you confirm it is the newest version?
Maybe it is because I am trying to write to a specific topic and the root topic is not writable?

I will try more in the next days. thanks so far


It’s the latest firmware. Could you please send the screenshot for the MQTT config to me with a private message?

I would love to, but how can I send an´private message?

Let other people know this.

Note: Update the config tool to v1.1.0 to resolve the issue

Exactly - thank you very much for the help