Ab ble gateway 4 BLE rang from 30M to 100M

ab ble gateway 4 can change BLE rang from 30M to 100M?

it depends on the TX power of beacons.

Yes, Can I change TX power 30M to 100M? And How step change?

Which model beacon did you buy? Is it our beacon? Our beacon support max to 4dBm TX power. It can work for 80+ meters in open space with the option.

You can download our iOS app AprilBeacon to change TX power

I have a different version of the beacon, but I am interested in buying AB BLE Gateway V4 in combination with my device and application. You can recommend the operation and can modify the code or work order to meet my needs.

The TX Power option is at beacon side. You should check the available TX power options for the beacon

Thank you so much.