AB BLE gateway 2.0 collect ibeacon signal issue

When configuring AB gateway 2.0 through web-based (, I saw a RSSI filter, may I know what is it for? Because currently I have 2 kinds of iBeacon, but I can only get one kind of beacon even they are far away (~7m), not the other (only get the other kind’s signal when it’s very near to gate way (< 0.5m )). Ironically, I can detect 2 kinds of beacon, even they are all far away by some app on cell phone. I’m doubt that it maybe because of my bad configuration.

One more question, how can I reset a AB gateway 2.0, since I can not connect to its wifi when inputing default password: 12345678 after configuring it for a while.

Many thanks.

You can use the RSSI filter to filter out beacon far away from the gateway. For example, you will get only the distance < 1m if you chosen RSSI filter 1 meter.

You can use another way to config it.

  1. Download our app ABGateway with iPhone
  2. Change the device to Smart Config mode
  3. Open app ABGateway, tap the “plus” icon to configure WiFi

Thanks for your prompt reply,

In your product description: “30m range in open space” with BLE scanning function, but the RSSI filter maximum is only 15m, so you mean 15m is a radius and it makes a scanning zone with 30m diameter, am I correct?

But anyway, It only can detect my beacon if my beacon (Onyx beacon - power: -23 dbM, interval 500ms) is very near (< 0.5m) to the gate way even when I set RSSI filter as default or 15m. (I should add (that) both kind of beacons I use power at +4dBM/ +4dBm, not sure if capital M and lower M make any difference)

  1. I did download it.
  2. Here are steps I did to change the device to Smart Config mode, please check if I did something wrong:
    - Power my gateway, it will emit a wifi with SSID: ab.gateway-4976117 (I guess 4976117 is my serial number)
    - Click the hole on gateway, the led start blinking, and the wifi with SSID: ab.gateway-4976117 disappear.
    - I download a YuePixels app, then I input SSID: ab.gateway-4976117, password is 12345678 and SSID is hidden I did not toggle on. My phone connects to the wifi (a real wifi which connects to the Internet network)
    - Tap confirm.
    - The YuePixels app show error: “Please check the password and make sure your device connect to the wifi”.
  3. I failed at step 2, thus not advance to step 3.

The TX power -23dBm is very weak. It can’t be detected when you put it far away.

You should input the WiFi SSID and password in your office or home. not the SSID for the BLE gateway. The app ABGateway will transfer the SSID and password wireless when the BLE gateway is in smart config mode.

Thanks for your support, but I can not handle it by myself.

Please confirm if my doubt is correct?

I increased the power up to 4dBm, but it still doesn’t work.

However, I catch its signal by an Android phone.

I’m wondering is there any difference between the ways of the phone and your gateway catching beacon signal. Here are what I tried so far:

  • Supply the correct power for AbGateway by adapter (5V, 1000mA)
  • I put the gateway and phone in the same place and higher than beacon for it easy to detect, but not work.
  • The type of beacon (Casambi) I can catch by Gateway is powered by AC electric directly (220V - max 0.6A), and the other type of beacon (Onyx) I can not catch by Gateway is powered by battery. Could it be a trouble? But I did set power for both types of beacon as 4dBM, and only the beacon powered by AC electric (Casambi) can be caught by the Gateway. Noted, when I decrease power of Casambi down to 0dBM, the gateway can not catch anymore; it’s obvious and perspicuous to understand, I know. However, I don’t know why I set 4dBM for both types of beacon, only one works with Gateway.

Please have a look a next one, since it doesn’t allow me to add more than 2 links in 1 post

I don’t want to be annoying but…

  • I connected wifi for phone, then input SSID and password (I’m sure password is correct, and I did click a button in a hole to make a led blink), but there is still error;
    + In YuePixels app: https://imgur.com/a/enKgD
    + In AB gateway app: https://imgur.com/a/vnZ0m

But I saw 1 of my gateways which works already in the list in AB Gateway app, but not the one I wanna reset password

Please give me advice, thank you.

Here is the gateway which works

If the problem comes from Onyx company, could you confirm that your beacon (April beacon) will accompany well with AB gateway v.2? If yes, please give me a link to purchase it, I will pick a couple to test. Please advise, thank you!

It can affect about 30 meters with default filter. You should choose filter “Default” for maximum range.

You can compare the RSSI value for different TX power setting with your Android phone. Did the RSSI change for 4dBm?

I think it’s not an issue coms from Onyx. The BLE gateway should get the BLE data if you can get Onyx beacon with your Android.

Did you see the LED blink change after you pressed the config button?

Many thanks for your help, I finally can reset the password of the gateway by an Iphone app. However, unfortunately, I still can not get BLE data if it’s far away with Onyx beacon, at least with the current beacons I’m using. I’m considering what can be an issue. Because your gateway can work with another brand of the beacon (NRF51822 2V-3.3V BLE) I have bought recently. Anyway generally, all of them must be under about 5-6m, it’s too short for my purpose, I need at least the range is about 10m. Could it be the cause of beacon’s firmware or something? Please advise.

Here is the link for new brand of the beacon I have bought: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/2V-3-3V-NRF51822-Bluetooth-4-0-Wireless-Module-for-iBeacon-Base-Station-Intelligent-Control-System/32826502025.html?spm=2114.search0104.3.1.2b27291bU7XURH&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_5_10152_5722813_10151_10065_10344_10068_10342_5722613_10547_10343_5722913_10340_10548_10341_10697_10696_10084_10083_5722713_10618_10307_10059_10534_100031_10103_441_10624_10623_10622_10621_10620_5722513,searchweb201603_25,ppcSwitch_7&algo_expid=12347ade-e358-4e88-8d92-05bd829b0fcc-0&algo_pvid=12347ade-e358-4e88-8d92-05bd829b0fcc&priceBeautifyAB=0

AB BLE Gateway 2.0 use on-board PCB antenna. Is it helpful if you change TX power to 4dBm for other beacons?