AB 305 does not appear on serial when i plug it into computer

I am trying to send AT commands to an AB 305 beacon. When I plug it into the USB port of any computer (iMac or Windows), it never appears i.e. I can not select it and/or connect to it in order to send AT commands.

I have tried the same process with a DSD Tech USB beacon (also based on HM-10), and it works fine on Windows (using HMCommand or other applications) and also on iMac (using CoolTerm).

The beacon works ok in other ways, e.g. it broadcasts when plugged in, I can see the broadcast in nRF, I can connect to it, I can use AB app to connect to it and modify configuration. In other words, the beacon seems to be working properly, other than not appearing as a connectable item in serial when plugged into a computer.

Thanks for any advice!

AB 305 beacon doesn’t support USB serial protocol with default firmware. It just advertises iBeacon profile. You can use our iOS app AprilBeacon to configure it.