AB 301 beacon broadcast messages from scratch using CoolTerm

We have the AB 302 ie ZeroBeacon and we have to change the message text of beacon to some other text so, how to set up the message to beacon and which AT commands are needed to set the message, and we are new to this type of work, please explain us from the scratch.

Thanks in advance.

iBeacon just advertise a UUID not message such as text. It can only do this job.

But iOS have api support iBeacon detect. A common logic for iBeacon usage:

  1. beacon advertise UUID
  2. An app on cellphone keep detecting beacon UUID.
  3. The app push a message such as text “Hello” when UUID1 detected.
  4. The app push a message such as text “Welcome” when UUID2 detected.

If you want to change message, you can change the UUID for ZeroBeacon. There’re some AT commands.

For example, let’s change the UUID to E2C56DB5DFFB48D2B060D0F5A71096E0. Type the AT commands in CoolTerm.


If we want to send the message or notification to person who dont have our app installed.

iBeacon is not a solution for such of application.

Ok thanks, for reply