Why not get exact distance of beacon?

When i searching beacon , it gives wrong distance range of beacon and vary every time . Please provide suggestion for it.

Change a suitable mearsurePower to calculation distance

Which is suitable measurepower for exact distance ?

The value of one meter‘s rssi

But in your demo its not affect any changes of RSSI or measurepower

AprilBeaconDemos ModifyActivity under the newMinor is newMeasuredPower

I am not happy with distance after setting is measure power . Will you provide settings for it ?

The distance just a reference.
It calculate by the code of How to find beacon distance by the received RSSI? in Android
If you wan’t get the more exact distance, you can try other algorithms to calculate the distance.
I have no idea to calculate the distance.

Its for iOS , i want distance for android

The code is written in java. Why did you think it’s for iOS?

cause i not found where to implement it

Our SDK for Android provide a method getDistance for get distance. The source code for getDistance is in the link @hell post.

You can’t get accuracy distance via the iBeacon tech. It’s just a 2.4G advertiser.