Where can i get bleduino firmware updater software?

where can i get bleduino firmware updater software ?

I know where blueduino firmware data is … but how upgrade bleduino using firmware data file


just like AT+SBLUP HM-10

is it necessary AT COMMAND when firmware updating ?

Give me detailed instructions please ~

when UUID updating , bleduino is gone ~ not operate beacon ~ not response AT COMMAND ~
what can i do this situation ?

How did you update UUID? Could you please show an example?

We have a wiki for how to upgrade firmware. But no newer firmware yet.

After the firmware upgrade
this issues have been resolved. thank you so much ~

I guess, i think ~ may be this reason

Version 2.1 firmware
Fix a bug for configure iBeacon proximityUUID

I’m glad to hear that.

When did you buy the device? Our all product are flashed the firmware.