Ranging by Bluetooth Not working

Hello, Guys!
In AprilSDK(iOS) Ranging by bluetooth Demo is not working on my iPhone.
Please let me know this reason.

Ranging Demo and Notification Demo are working great, but Ranging By bluetooth Demo and Sensor are not working. :frowning:

Best Regards,

if you don’t have Sensors, you can’t find it.
Maybe you can download LightBlue app to check if it is our SDK’s problem.
If you can find the iBeacon use LightBlue, that’s our problem

Hello, Thanks for your reply
I installed LightBlue App and test my beacon with it. My beacon is xBeacon.
By the way, it’s UUID is not same with your SDK.

Our App just can detect our iBeacons, its name begins with ArpilBeacon, so you can’t find your beacon in Ranging by bluetooth.