Min RSSI Filter in Wireless iBeacon Receiver


I am trying to configure the wireless receiver to detect the beacons to three meters. Min modify the value RSSI Filter to three meters, but anyway, detects more distance. Pulse “Send” and reboot the device (I wait several minutes before turning it on).



How far is it able to detect? The three meters is not a accuracy value. It may detect 4 meters.

I use the Wireless iBeacon Receiver has the firmware version 0.10. Min RSSI options Filter are one meter, 3, 5,10 and 15. I try to work with the option of three meters but does not work.

The problem is that always detected, and I want the detected only when they are to three meters or less.

This is in fact a RSSI filter. What tx power did you set to your beacon?

tx Power 0dBm

When did you buy the device? The early version hardware does not support the RSSI filter function

Buy them in April.

the function is in alpha status and only available for hardware were made after June

So I do with the equipment I have. I need that function.

I think you need buy a newest receiver.

It works with all iBeacon bracelets, although buy before