Manual and Link-Manual Aprilbeacon

In the manual of the Beacon comes to CALIBRATION devices .

  1. How come this is not provided in the APP of Android ??

    is this a link :

  2. In addition, the manual and the app at this link are in China language.
    where I can download the English version or multilingual ?

  1. by Android application i can’t change the value Measured Power (is sometimes even proposed to -256 !!!)
    Even the Tx Power can be changed , but in fact is changed immediately after clicking Modify the message MODIFY SUCCESFULL but unfortunately returning to check performs no change


  1. For Android, there’re so many brand and mobile phones based on different hardware. It’s not easy for measured the power for these phones.
  2. The manual is for WeChat helper. The main users of WeChat almost are Chinese.
  3. Could you please show a screenshot for the time you modified fail?