How can I upload Cactus micro rev2 with ESP8266(ESP-03)?

Hello! I used Cactus micro rev2 with ESP8266(ESP-03) to make communicate server written by Java.

I want to upload firmware ESP8266 and communicate with ESP8266 but I don`t know how to upload firmware and communicate with ESP8266.

Can Anyone give me advise to commnuicate with ESP8266 and Cactus micro rev2?

Thank you about reading my message!

The default firmware for esp8266 is espduino not AT firmware. The espduino firmware is easier to use for REST http request

Please check the topic

Thank you for replying. I have a one more question.
It is possible to communicate ESP8266 with Java Server that I make?
This is not http resquest but just send and receive byte data.

Did you mean socket server? You can try AT firmware with ESP8266. But you need re-flash esp8266 module.

Yes!! It is socket server!!

How can I upload AT firmware with ESP8266?

Is there any example of re-flash esp8266 module to AT firmware?

Yes. Please check our wiki Cactus Micro R2 Tutorial. There’s a link for How to made Cactus Micro R2 as ESP8266 programmer.

The AT firmware is here.

I really appreciate your help.
That works perfectly.
Thank you.