Giving ABeacon 401 a unique ID

We are trying to write an ID on ABSensor 401 so that we can identify it uniquely from android and iOS. Unfortunately we are not even able to connect to the ABSeson 401 from iOS or Android. We are following your documentation to connect to iOS but it is not working. So, we are getting the MAC address field is coming NULL.

Can you please advise?

Please refer this wiki. In the User Guide.

We already tried everything you specified in your Wiki. We downloaded your SDK. We tryed to connect using your SDK… but it is not working. According to your guide we should be able to get a mac address from iOS after we establish connection… .but because we are not able to establish connection using your SDK - the connection code that you have… we are trying to execute that … but it is not working.

Did you see the User Guide? You need press the button 1 first, then connect it. You need connected it first, then get mac address.

We have a documents about ABSensor SDK. Please pay some time to look.

Could you please show us the code how did you use the SDK?