Could't finding battery status of other beacon devices in android sdk

I have “Roximity Beacon” and currently working on android and using AprilBeacon sdk for it. I download demo code from GitHub . But it not gives current battery status of beacon . I install app in SDK version 21 . Please help for how to get battery status or how to resolve that problem.

Thank you.

If the beacon’s fm is above 2.1, you can use Beacon.getPower();
else you need use the AprilBeaconCharacteristics to read battery,
you can find how to use in demo code of ModifyActivity.

You can click the item to modify View, and click getBattery button to get battery
By the way ,AprilBeacon sdk only for read and modify AprilBeacon.

I tried it but it not return me any battery status . It gives exception.

That method support AprilBeacon.
But other beacon perhaps is not support.

But is there any solution to support other beacon devices also with AprilBeacon SDK ?

AprilBeacon SDK is for AprilBeacon.