Can't get ABLEShields to answer AT commands

I ordered 2 PCS ABBLEShield Bluetooth low energy 4.0 Module iBeacon/Arduino/iOS/Android, and am unable to get them to answer AT commands.
I can confirm with a BTLE sniffer that the boards power up. However, neither module answers any AT commands.

I’ve tried linking the CP2102’s TX->RX, and confirmed that the CP2102 and PC both do work properly. (also confirmed the 4 pin cable!)

I even went as far as to buy the “CP2102 USB To UART converter Supports ESP8266” from you guys in order to be sure my CP2102 was not defective… It doesn’t work with your adapter either.

I hooked it up with VCC->+5V; TX->RX; RX->TX; GND->GND… I’ve tried with both 3.3V and 5.0V.

I’ve tried many different AT commands, like AT or AT+NAME, etc. I get no character echo either, which I would expect.

I always used 9600/n/8/1. I tried both Putty and CoolTerm.

What can I do?

Please make sure no BLE device connect the shield when you type the AT commands.

Or try to change a PC.

I am sure no BLE devices are connected when I type the AT commands. (I don’t have anything which might even try to connect)

Trying another computer doesn’t help either.

Please contact our sales for refund.

I’m so sorry the devices not work for you.

Version 2.0 firmware has bug that AT command with OK response does not work. Other commands like AT+VERS? should work. You can upgrade the firmware to 2.1 and the AT with OK response is working.

Thank you for your reminder!