Cannot Read Accelerometer Data


I have a problem with my ABSensor 401. I’ve downloaded the SDK together with demos from github and successfully paired the device with my Android phone. Using the demo app I was able to see the main screen where it showed MAC address of my beacon as well as some additional information.
Then I opened the SensorActivity in order to receive acceleroemeter data from the device. The activity showed that I was disconnected, so I’ve pressed the “Conn” button. After some time the app timed-out and this method was never called:

                        public void connected() {
				Toast.makeText(SensorActivity.this, "have connect", 0)
				if (proDialog != null && proDialog.isShowing()) {

Why can’t the device connect? Could you help me with that?
It is the guide of ABSensor401,You can find method that make the ABSensor401 can be connected

You should change 401 to pairing model,unless it can’t be connected

Hi Hell,

I know about pairing mode and I switched the device to pairing (had red led blinking) but still the device didn’t want to connect.

Try to near by the beacon to connect,
And beafore You click the conn ,You change the mode to pairing mode

Hi Hell,

This doesn’t help :frowning:, still it doesn’t want to connect. At the same time it shows the device MAC address, proximity, etc on the main screen without any problems…

Can you test it with the IOS app? In my case I can’t connect my android phone with the ABSensor but it’s working well with my iphone (IOS 7 and newer).

I hope this can help you.

Unfortunately I don’t have an iPhone to try this. Will borrow from somebody and let you know about the results.
Will the accelerometer screen be supported on Android? For us full Android support is really critical.

Perhaps you should restart the phone or use another phone to have a try, I test nexus5 can’t get data but nexus 5X can get the data. but when restart nexus5 it can get data successful.

I have Xiaomi Mi2S and restart didn’t work. Anyway we really need it to work smoothly because our users will definitely not restart their phones in order to connect. I have android 5.0.2, maybe this could be the reason?

As you can see in the minimun requirement here : and like I said here : the sensor only work with IOS phone. However, you can develop your own app (by using the SDK for Android) and maybe read the accelerometer data but if you read the ChangeLog for IOS SDK you can find accelerometer data and not in the Android SDK ChangeLog.

Ok, is the ABSensor fully Eddystone compatible? In this case I should be able to read telemetry from the accelerometer sensor using the Eddystone API directly. Am I correct here?