Cactus Micro Rev 2 + WifiConnection + PIR Probelm


When i connect to wifi the PIR Sensor response always with 1.

int inputPin = 14;    
int pirState = LOW;     


pinMode(inputPin, INPUT);  


val = digitalRead(inputPin); // always 1

It 'possible that the problem is in power?
If I use only the PIR, everything works, check the PIR after connecting the wifi is not working. Ideas?

Thanks and sorry for bad english…

Please try with other pins such as 16, 10.

Thanks, I try with 16 and it’s OK.


The problem is not resolved…

I try all pin, but nothing.

When in Setup execute

digitalWrite(WIFI_ENABLE_PIN, HIGH);

the pir send 1 forever…

What about the work voltage for the PIR sensor? 5V or 3.3V?

The voltage is 3.3v, i update the firmware with ai-thinker-v1.1.1 and it’s all ok.

Now I have another problem. I think I brick the esp.
I try to power with 6LR61 / 9V connected to RAW pin. Cactus work, but the esp, after the battery, stop to work and reply with garbage.
I thought I could power with a battery from pin Raw.

I try with nodemcu, write blank and after upload the firmware, nothing.
I try 1,1,1 , and espduino firmware but nothing.

Is there any way to check if it is completely dead?



I try duhuon test


The esp module seems complete dead. Not sure it’s damaged by the 9V battery.

Please check the voltage at pin VCC when you connected 9V to pin RAW?

I can’t check now.
But I’m confused…can I use 9V battery? Now i see max 6V :frowning: in

but in (can be up to 9V)

I ordered another cactus, which battery should I use?

Sorry about the modification.

We have tested 9V and works fine. But it may have problem if there’s large current. For safety, we change the voltage to 6V.

How many Cactus Micro did you buy?

I buy 3 Cactus…

I think a single 3.7V lithium battery or 4 x AA battery is better. I have sent a private message to you.