Beacon battery data

Device = AB BLE Gateway V4
Beacon = April Beacon N02

When I checked the data format,
there are mac addresses, rssi values, etc…
for example
( hex= 02C8FD1949A530CE0201061AFF4C000215EB6D469624BE4663B15230D46B0E9CC9000D00)
=> advertising type + mac address + RSSI + Advertisement data

Is the battery value of Beacon unknown?

Most of AprilBeacon advertises battery level with google’s eddystone TLM plain format.

Your example is just an iBeacon data. It doesn’t contain battery level

I know april Beacon is in Eddystone format.

I want to know the data format that the Gateway sends to the server.

It is not my example, it is written in the guide document at the gateway.

I want to know the transmission format of the actual gateway.

Gateway V4 post data in MessagePack format. MessagePack is an efficient binary serialization format. It lets you exchange data among multiple languages like JSON.

Here’s an example data for gateway v4. You can decode the data by MessagePack library.