April Beacon302 and ZeroBeacon WINDOWS 8

April Beacon302 and ZeroBeacon

I ask some information that I could not find it around on the forums and even on the web:

A) I can not associate the 302 , he asks me a password that is not " aprilbeacon " .

B ) I also wanted to understand … if I install the USB doongle ZeroBeacon , where are the links for the last drive of the device and where to find the application on Windows 8 allows me to scan dell’ambiaente to search for devices ?


Here’s the wiki for AprilBeacon 302. It can be configured though UART port. There’s some AT commands to do the work. So you can’t configure the beacon by the app “AprilBeacon”.

Tks for reply, but the password ?

No password for it. You need plug it to USB port if you want configure 302 beacon.

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:grinning: tks very mutch

So , I installed the 502 doongle USB with the driver that I have indicated , the software CoolTerm and I also connected a iBeacon 302 on the second USB port on my PC .

Scenario : USB 302 and USB iBeacon Doongle installed properly

I run so CoolTerm but nothing happens immediately after connect Com3 : 9600 N 8 1

How do I view the list of ibeacon in the range around ?


You should input the AT commands for it:


AT corrisponding to ALT ?

Here’s a link for how to use coolterm. You should choose Connection -> Send String, Then input the AT commands.

The AT commands is just the string start with “AT+”. Not mean ALT. Please follow the link for more AT commands..

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I solve excuse me :wink:

We have the AB 302 ie ZeroBeacon and we have to change the message text of beacon to some other text so, how to set up the message to beacon and which AT commands are needed to set the message

Please open a new topic if you have new question not relate current topic.

For change the proximity UUID, you can use the commands:


Modify E2C56DB5DFFB48D2B060D0F5A71096E0 to other value if you like.

Please refer the wiki for full AT command list.