Android Sample App Not Working

Hi, I am quite new to Beacons. I have got a sample AprilBeacon401 and downloaded a sample app for Android. Iwas able to pair my device with the beacon but it doesn’t show anything after pairing (only Rssi is visible). When I go to “Devices” it shows me my beacon but when i open the beacon properties it seems to fail to load anything - just displays an error “Readinfo Timeout”.
How do I make the device work? I’d like to see distance to the device and accelerometer data.

You can download the AprilBeaconDemos to see distance and accelerometer data of ABSensor401

how to connect ABSensor401 you can to see ABSensor401 user guide


I have tried the AprilBeaconDemo.apk from the AprilBeacon-Android-SDK/AprilBeaconDemos/bin/ folder. It showed me the screen with the following info:

MAC: 84:EB:18:7A:73:06 (0.31m)
UUID: e2c56db5-dffb-48d2-b060-d0f5a71096e0
RSSI: -67 MPower: -58
Major: 0 Minor: 0 proximity: immediate

I was keeping my phone in the left hand and beacon in my right hand. When doing so distance as shown by the app changed from ~0,3m to ~2m which is both not quite correct… Also I haven’t found the accelerometer data in the app.
Could you please advise on all these question? I really need the device to work but still don’t get how to handle it.
In docs on your web-site I saw a perfect example (here: There is a screenshot showing accelerometer data, how can I see the same please?

PS: wanted to attach a screenshot but forum doesn’t allow this.

This screenshot is obtain with the IOS App, we can find it here : (doesn’t exist for Android like you can see).