AB Ble Gateway 4 | Beacontools integration



I own a AB Ble Gateway 4 and it is amazing!

I’ve been playing around with the python MQTT client provided with the sdk, and I was wondering if there is any example of an integration with Beacontools and especially their parser functionality to decode the advertisement packet?

Any input is welcome, thank you in advance!


It’s possible. We’ll look into the parser library.


We’ve updated the example. Please check it again. Here’re some example output

rssi: -66
UUID: b5b182c7-eab1-4988-aa99-b5c1517008d9
Major: 1
Minor: 2
TX Power: -59
rssi: -66
UUID: 888557e7-23e4-4bed-988a-a02fe47f9001
Major: 1034
Minor: 61
TX Power: -59

It works like a charm indeed! Thank you very much!